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International Aviation stocks a wide range of inventory that is ready-to-ship. If a part is not readily available at our warehouse, we can assist in locating the part for you as well as providing drop shipment options. INTERNATIONAL AVIATION works very closely with OEM and its Distributors to ensure and maintain the highest levels of service and support. In addition to New parts, International Aviation, LLC also sells Repaired, Overhauled, and on an Exchanged basis. ​Contact us today, we'll be happy to assist in exploring the best options for your aircraft part requirements.


INTERNATIONAL AVIATION provides a variety of solutions to help with your airframe needs. We have an extensive vendor base of airframe parts that can help get you back in the air in no time.




INTERNATIONAL AVIATION has wind screens and cabin windows (Beechcraft) in stock and ready for immediate exchange. We will ensure that you receive a quality window with an OEM warranty. INTERNATIONAL AVIATION can also offer exchanges with OEM's. 


Avionics & Instruments

INTERNATIONAL AVIATION has been buying and selling units and systems including radio controls, weather radars, HF, TCAS, EGPWS, autopilots, and much more. 



INTERNATIONAL AVIATION provides full support on rotable components, accessories and avionic components. We have various rotable components available on an exchange basis.


Landing Gears

While using only the best FAA certified repair stations, INTERNATIONAL AVIATION can provide an immediate exchange for landing gears. 



Tires, Brakes & Wheels

When coming in for a landing, be confident in knowing that your aircraft's tires, brakes, and wheels are up to industry standards. We provide same day dispatch from our stock or a maximum of 03 working days for non-stock items and/or different ranges of tires.  



Engine Parts & Tooling Support

INTERNATIONAL AVIATION is the one-stop-shop for your Engine Parts and Tools. We'll ensure that you get the FAA certified parts with an OEM warranty.


Consumables & Lubricants

INTERNATIONAL AVIATION has a large and reliable network of vendors that specialize in aviation lubricants and chemicals. You name it: consumable/s, abrasives, adhesives, brushes, bulbs chemicals, grease, hydraulic fluid, lubricants, oil, paint, sealants, safety products, shop supplies, tape, etc...Same day dispatch from our stock or usually within a 03 working day period for non-stock items. 



Ground Supporting Equipment

INTERNATIONAL AVIATION can assist in locating the right line of GSE that meets your needs. We can assist in providing non-powered to powered ground support equipment worldwide. We will work to ensure equipment includes the latest technical and engineering updates to ensure you have the most reliable equipment on the market today.

Close up of a jet airplane cockpit_Front view of the airplane window with windshield wiper
Center console and throttles in the airplane..jpg
aircraft wheel and brake assembly x-section.jpg
Passenger boarding stairs, a Ground Support Equipment (GSE) at Don Mueang International Ai
Close-up high detailed view of main landing gear of big wide-body passenger aircraft._edit
Main Wheels of Aircraft, Main Landing Gear , view of landing gear assembly of Aircraft.jpg
empty airplane airframe _ fuselage without any equipment and no panels installed.jpg
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